CWCBExpo Discusses The Difference Between Indoor, Outdoor Cannabis Seeds To Help Cannabis Investors

cannabis investorsJan. 24, 2019, New York City, New York — CWCBExpo, organizer of what’s expected to be 2019’s largest cannabis convention on the East Coast, wants to help cannabis investors. Below, the expo shares a list of differences between indoor and outdoor seeds. Cannabis investors can boost their knowledge of the cannabis plant at one of the expo’s three cannabis conventions. The next convention will be held May 20 through June 1, 2019 in New York City.

There are several differences between indoor and outdoor seeds, even though they can look quite alike to the untrained eye. The major differences are broken down:

Cannabinoid Profile. Plants grown outside have a higher cannabinoid profile, which means they have more THC and more CBD. Many people think the opposite is true, but studies have debunked that misconception. Outdoor plants also contain more terpenes, so they’re more aromatic when smoked — provided growers took care to preserve their high terpene profile with adequate drying.

Trichome Density. Indoor environments are more highly controlled than outdoor environments. This essential difference produces noticeable variation in trichome density. The proximity of light and the highly-controlled environment cultivates high trichome density. Trichome density is lower for outdoor plants because of the uncontrolled environment. Since outdoor plants are exposed to a variety of elements, their trichomes usually can’t cover as much of the bud’s surface.

Color. Outdoor cannabis plants are darker, sometimes even brown-looking. Plants grown indoors tend to have a brighter green hue. The color differences are particularly apparent when looking at buds and flowers and it’s something cannabis investors should consider from a marketing perspective.

Size. Buds that were grown outdoors tend to be bigger or bulkier. This size difference is usually very apparent in the stem. An indoor bud has a small, dense stem.

Trim Job. Sometimes plants grown outdoors are leafier than plants grown indoors. However, the leafiness of the plant should not be used as the sole differentiating factor between the two methods of cultivation because leafiness has a lot to do with how often farmers trim their plants. Outdoor growers usually have more buds per plant, so trimming can easily require more time and a larger staff, which not all outdoor growers have.

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