Depth And Breadth Of CWCBExpo Conference Topics Offers Speakers More Opportunity

Cannabis InvestorsYou’ve worked hard, studied the business sector for months on end, crossed your fingers at launch and now, these endeavors and more have paid off. For those in the rapidly-growing cannabis industry, these struggles and successes are a point of pride. They are also the common bond, so why wouldn’t you want to share your insight with hundreds of like-minded professionals looking to push the cannabis sector to new frontiers? This is exactly what CWCBExpo (Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition) offers and organizers are now putting out a formal call for speakers to attend their three trade shows planned for 2019.

The three annual CWCBExpo events scheduled for the new year will be held in New York City, Los Angeles and Boston. These events are known not only for the air of professionalism they give off, but the sheer number of meaningful B2B interactions that attendees can have. Those interested in registering as a speaker, which you can learn more about by clicking here, won’t be stuck up on a stage and put under the spotlight. Instead, CWCBExpo organizes dozens of daily break-out conference sessions. Speakers will have the floor and the microphone in hand as they lay out their topic, but they will also be able to converse with guests, answer questions and generally shed light on their area of expertise.

“There are so many moving pieces in being successful in the cannabis industry and the goal of the CWCBExpo education programs are to help provide a roadmap for anyone looking to enter the industry, expand their business, and remain competitive,” said Greg Marco, president of CWCBExpo Events. “We look forward to presenting our attendees with the brightest minds in business and actionable content for success.”

The three-day conferences in New York City, Los Angeles and Boston will have 70 such conferences sessions going on at each of the events. The depth and breadth of these sessions is one more reason why previous attendees and newcomers alike should submit their topic proposals. Previous speakers have addressed the following topics and sectors in their presentations: Retail, advocacy, infusions, medical access, raw plant processing, investing, cultivation, obtaining capital and more.

For attendees, the opportunity to learn from these sessions is boosted by the fact that speakers are often easily accessible so follow-up questions – or the chance to network even further – are a frequent occurrence. Of course, the exhibit floor is always nearby and packed with relevant businesses, experts and local resources that are tuned into the host city’s unique needs. Proposal deadlines are already in place so don’t delay and capitalize on the opportunity to become a recognizable authority in your field and city!

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