The differences between Hemp, CBD, and CBD Oil

Facts from CWCBExpo

As interest in medical marijuana grows, so does talk of CBD oil. But what is it and what are its benefits? Cannabis trade show company, CWCBExpo, explains the differences. Those interested in furthering their knowledge are encouraged to attend a cannabis investor conference. CWCBExpo holds three conferences annually and attendees learn about a host of topics.

The major differences between hemp and cannabis can be broken down by appearance, purpose, and the level of different compounds contained in the plants:

Hemp vs. Cannabis

  • Appearance: Cannabis plants are shorter and wider than hemp plants. Hemp plants are tall and narrow.
  • Purpose: Cannabis is frequently grown for its flowering parts which have THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Hemp is cultivated for multiple purposes but often for the making of different types of materials.
  • Compound: Hemp and cannabis produce different amounts of THC, the compound associated with the high users get from the smoking or ingesting marijuana. Cannabis produces significantly more THC than CBD.

Hemp is the opposite. Hemp produces more CBD than THC. CBD, as discussed below, is commonly used in oils. CBD oil can be made from either cannabis or hemp, but its levels of THC and CBD will differ depending on the plant from which it is derived.

CBD and CBD Oil (Hemp- & THC-based)

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound found in cannabis and hemp. CBD differs from THC in several ways:

  • CBD vs. THC: THC is an effective pain reliever, in part due to its ability to produce euphoric feelings in users. CBD has effects like those of THC but doesn’t produce a high. Nevertheless, both compounds show promise for medical use across multiple research studies.  

CBD oil is purchased to relieve many different ailments including those experienced by pets.

Many people choose to use hemp CBD oil because hemp-based CBD is legal whereas THC-based CBD oil is legal, or illegal, depending on where you live.

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