New York Cannabis Conference Organizer CWCBExpo Discusses Women Who Helped Shape The Future of Cannabis

cwcbexpoExperts predict that the medical marijuana market will reach almost $60 billion USD by 2025 and women could be at the forefront of the industry. CWCBExpo, the organizer of the upcoming New York cannabis conference, shares more on how women helped shape this growing industry.

Women have a strong voice in the cannabis industry and their attendance at the CWCBExpo New York cannabis conference is a testament to that. With a variety of opportunities across different segments of the market, they’ll likely continue to shape the industry. Here are just a few of the areas where women are having an impact:

  • Edibles. As laws change, marijuana social lounges and cafes will open across the country in droves. But in some areas, women are already leading the charge. For example, one California woman took advantage of the chance to partner with a cannabis business. Her bake shop is now a leader in supplying dispensaries with cannabis-laced edibles.
  • Ethical farming. Women are pioneering more responsible ways of cultivating cannabis. Female-founded companies are shaping the industry by insisting on regenerative farming practices that are good for the earth and cannabis users.
  • Investment banking. Women-led investment companies are backing cannabis startup companies. Those willing to work hard and pursue risks will have a strong voice in the industry and New York cannabis conference attendees will have much to learn from them.
  • A rapidly-growing industry needs talent and it needs it quickly. Women are responding to the need by taking impactful positions in recruitment and talent acquisition. Organizations rely on their expertise to staff their operations.
  • Software design. Women are shaping the industry with their developer expertise. Some of the most successful pot telehealth apps have women behind them. With the expansion of medical marijuana programs, home-delivery services will evolve, and the industry will look to designers to build apps and user-friendly websites for these services.

Where will women take the cannabis industry next? Learn more at CWCBExpo’s next New York cannabis conference. The trade show will take place May 29 through June 1, 2019 in New York City.

About the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition:

The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition is a business-to-business trade show event for the legalized cannabis industry. Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition events are held three times per year in the largest media, financial and business markets: New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. It is the leading forum for dispensary owners, growers, suppliers, investors, medical professionals, government regulators, legal counsel, and entrepreneurs looking to achieve business success and identify new areas of growth in this dynamic and fast-growing industry.

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