Pain Management Possibilities Discovered By Medical Marijuana Business Sector Could Help Patients

Jan. 29, 2019, New York City, New York — Medical marijuana is commonly used to treat chronic pain. However, a growing body of research shows the drug may alleviate discomfort arising from a range of other diseases, conditions and symptoms. Those looking to learn more about the medical marijuana business sector should attend the upcoming CWCBExpo, being held in New York City, from May 29 through June 1, 2019.

Most patients request medical marijuana to treat and manage pain, and there should be no surprise as to why — research has provided substantial bodies of evidence that confirm marijuana’s pain-relieving properties.

Cannabis’s pain-relieving properties, which every medical marijuana business will be up-to-speed on, differ depending on the type of pain a patient is experiencing:

  • Nociceptive pain: Nociceptive pain is associated with inflammation. Patients with this type of pain feel sharp, aching, or throbbing sensations. Cannabis relieves this type of pain by interrupting the inflammatory process and reducing the effects of pain signals.
  • Neuropathic pain: Neuropathic pain stems from a damaged nervous system. People with this type of pain usually have either experienced an injury that damaged the nerves of the body or suffer from a condition that affects the nervous system (e.g., multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, HIV, diabetes, shingles, sciatica, etc.). Cannabis is used to weaken pain signals in the central nervous system.
  • Central pain: Central pain is best described as pain without a specific cause. Regardless, there’s a clear dysfunction of the nervous system. Cannabis shows promise as a treatment for this type of pain, especially among fibromyalgia patients. However, because the cause of this type of pain is unknown, more research needs to be done to uncover the mechanisms by which cannabis relieves central pain.

In addition to research by the medical marijuana business sector into marijuana’s pain-relieving properties, there’s also a substantial body of evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of marijuana as a treatment for muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis patients and as a treatment for nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients.

Medical marijuana also shows promise as a mood regulator, and it promotes neuroplasticity, and modulates the immune and digestive systems.

About the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition:

The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition is a business-to-business trade show event for the legalized cannabis industry. CWCBExpo cannabis events are held three times per year in the largest media, financial and business markets: New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. It is the leading forum for dispensary owners, growers, suppliers, investors, medical professionals, government regulators, legal counsel, and entrepreneurs looking to achieve business success and identify new areas of growth in this dynamic and fast-growing industry.

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