2018 Add-On Workshops

Wednesday, October 17

Advanced Cannabis Investment Workshop – Beyond the Basics

New Frontier Data presents this exciting workshop featuring some of the brightest minds and thought leaders in the cannabis industry. Topics covered will include investment trends, risks, and opportunities; raising capital in the private market; raising capital in the public market;… Read More >

Open a Cannabis Business

Quickly identify the national opportunities, legislative parameters, associated risks, business models, regulations and steps necessary to open a cannabis business. This class will teach you how to be a viable competitor in the licensing process using specific steps and proven… Read More >

Saturday, October 20

The Secret Sauce: Developing IP and Production Best Practices

incredibles is a top-selling cannabis edibles, extracts and wellness products brand. Founded in 2010 in Colorado, incredibles is known for dosing consistency, ingredient quality, delicious tastes and product innovation. Our incredible reputation was built on the shoulders of two departments;… Read More >

Growing Organic Cannabis

Both the public and government agencies demand pesticide-free, organic cannabis products. At the same time, prices for cannabis are dropping. Learn the easy-to-follow growing system that will satisfy pesticide and health regulations, competitively. The soil food web is what takes… Read More >

Topics, speakers and times may change without notice.